The Gerbers



Over the years, David and Laraine Gerber would escape their industry paced life in Hollywood by spending time in the idyllic township of Murphys, California. In the 1960’s, David Gerber, a well-known Executive Producer of such shows as the Peabody Award winning Mini-Series George Washington, the Emmy award winning movie The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, and the Emmy winning series Police Story, had become the majority owner of the Historic Murphy’s Hotel, and in the 1980’s he chose the area as the location of his television series ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. It was during this time that they purchased a beautiful parcel of land situated in its own isolated valley. After extensive tests, they found that the valley’s microclimate and soil were perfectly suited for wine-grape production. Laraine jumped into the viticulture business wholeheartedly, researching, reading extensively and attending classes at the University of California at Davis while the vineyard was under development.